TÜRGÖK produces and sends audio and Braille printed books and 3 different magazines for all ages.
The Library has many books in several categories such as literary books, text books for students in all grades, dictionaries, reference books for main exams such as high school & university entrance, government officer election, books for learning English, recourse books, all kind of literature and self-help books, cook books and children’s books.
TÜRGÖK publishes an audio monthly magazine specifically prepared for adult members. Also every month two Braille printed magazines are prepared for school children. These are sent completely free of charge to all members in Turkey and abroad.
The Library technologically has all the hardware and software to perform these productions.
All the production of the Library is done by volunteers led by a limited number of staff . The volunteers are sometimes trained on different topics in order to maintain the quantity and quality in performance. Some of our volunteers learned Braille alphabet in order to take active role in Braille book production.
Not only our numerous volunteers contribute countless hours of their time but also many students from high schools and universities come to TÜRGÖK in order to perform their social responsibility activities.

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