Private Tohum Foundation Special Needs School

okulumuz TohumPrivate Tohum Foundation Special Needs School has established on 2008-2009 academic years as a pilot school in its field, acknowledged by Ministry of National Education.

Tohum Autism Foundation made a know-how agreement in 2005 with Princeton Child Development Institute (PCDI)*, one of the leading institutions working on autism in USA. The goal of the agreement was to establish a school using the same model with the Institute, in Turkey.

In this school, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)** method is being used, which is scientifically accepted throughout the world. ABA based curriculum is first used in 2006 (starting from 18 September 2006) in first three classes of Tohum Foundation Special Needs School. ABA method helps to increase useful behaviors and reduce those that may cause harm or interfere with learning. With this method, Tohum Foundation Special Needs School promises non- stop education for 11 months, 40 hours per week. Our students can acquire approximately 1600 skills. No extra speech or sensory integration therapy needed.

Not only education, but also evaluation services are provided by expert school teachers. Since 2008 597 children with ASD are evaluated.



* PCDI is an institution, founded in 1970, with great achievements in education of children and adults displaying autistic characteristics, since its establishment. Based on said success, PCDI has been awarded the “Award for Enduring Programmatic Contributions in Behavior Analysis” by the Association for Behavior Analysis International in 1999.

** Scientific researches show that half of the children receiving intensive special education based on applied behavior analysis by the age of 3 are able to attend education with their peers with normal development in subsequent periods.

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