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Strengthening of Autism Network in Turkey (2018)

Strengthening of Autism Network in Turkey 2018

“Strengthening of Autism Network in Turkey Project” is funded by European Union CSO Partnerships and Networks on Strengthening Cooperation Between Public Sector and CSOs Grant Scheme. With the Project, it is aimed to strengthen advocacy and institutional capacity of Turkey Autism Assembly and Autism Consociate Network; to strengthen a concrete dialog with public authorities regarding the framework of National Autism Action Plan as well as to establish a sustainable monitoring mechanism for NAAP. Locations of the action are İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, and Konya. The partners are The Autism Federation, Federation of Autism Associations, Konya Fraternal Association for Autistic Children and Their Families, Autism and Associations for Disabled People Federation, Selçulu Education for Individuals with Autism Foundation, Rize Association for Education and Struggling with Autism, Association fort he Support of Individuals with Special Needs, Anatolian Autism Federation, and Anadolu Autism Foundation.


NGO and DPO Network for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (2018)

2018Engelli Çocuk Hakları Ağı EÇHA“NGO and DPO Network for the Rights of Children with Disabilities” is supported by UNICEF Turkey within the scope of the programme “Protecting Children From Violence and Promoting Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Western Balkans and Turkey” which UNICEF, European Disability Forum and International Disability Forum were partners. Project activities are contributing to the comprehensive capacity and network building process for NGOs and DPOs experienced in working with CWDs in Turkey in order to report specifically on violation of rights of CwDs.


Rights of Disabled Persons in Education: Together in School, in Life (2017)

2017 hayatta birlikte

The Tohum Autism Foundation, with the support of Sabancı Foundation, and the Istanbul Bilgi University Center for Sociology and Educational Studies (SECBİR), will carry out the project between 2 October 2017 and 28 September 2018 with the title of Disabled Persons in Education: and positive attitudes towards disability in teachers and parents, and to prevent negative attitudes.

The Path to Education (2017)

2017eğitime uzanan yol

The Path to Education Project conducted by the Tohum Autism Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education. It is funded within the scope of Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) between the years 2017-2019. The natural gas pipeline will be applied in 11 provinces (Ardahan, Kars, Yozgat, Erzincan, Giresun, Ankara, Sivas, Kırıkkale, Kütahya, Balıkesir and Edirne). The project aims to increase the professional capacities of educators/teachers in the provinces, increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of autism in families and the people of the region.


Completed projects

First Step to Education: Inclusive Education in Pre-Schools (2016)

2016 eğitime ilk adım

It is aimed to increase vocational capacities of pre-schools teachers via supervision by formatter in the classes. In this sense, 20 formatter have been trained; 20 pre-schools have been selected to give on the job-trainings. Project is implementing by the partnership of Provincial Director of National Education and Teachers Academy Foundation.


Continuing Education Unit (2015)

The Tohum Autism Foundation has established much of its life in its own 'Continuing Education Unit' to reach teachers, autistic children and their families. Continuing Education Unit; the development of special education application center teachers who will take the education of autistic individuals, the development of the qualifications of mainstreaming schools classroom and branch teachers, the training of teachers for the newly opened Special Education Application Centers, the development and continuation of the Tohum Autism Foundation education portal and the development of training materials and methods by using new technologies and applications to carry out studies in order to contribute. Garanti Bank became the main sponsor of our 'Continuing Education Unit' in 2015. In 2015, the 'Continuous Education Unit' has been reached with a total of 6,667 people.


Creativity Workshops for Schools (2015)

Supported by the Istanbul Development Agency under the Creative Industries Financial Support Program with the Development of Creativity Workshops in Schools, it is aimed to contribute to the development of creativity industry in Istanbul with the development of creativity skills of children with developmental inadequacy. Music, painting and ceramics workshops were established for 12 mainstreaming schools within the scope of the project and trainers' trainings and awareness seminars were organized.


 Increasing Education Opportunities for Autistic Children by using Technology (2015)

2014 Teknoloji Yoluyla Otizmli

With the support of Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), and in collaboration with Provincial Directorates of Ministry of National Education, Tohum forms a special online game, which helps children learning basic concepts. This game will be available via web site, android and IOS tablets.


Autism Friendly City: Gaziantep (2015)

In order to raise awareness and increase capacities of institutions deal with autism; to implement Autism Action Plan in local level; partnership between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Tohum Autism Foundation has established. For one year, various training programs has been organized which targeted families, teachers, decision-makers, doctors and health staff.


Guidance Unit (2014)

Private Tohum Foundation Special Needs School’s ‘Guidance Unit’ was established in 2014. Up to now, a total of 3,844 persons have been provided with services such as providing free educational evaluation and guidance services for parents, who are calling by phone during the year of training, who want to receive information and who are reading the documents, and family trainings to help them in the problem areas where their families need help. Guidance Unit continues to work.

 Bağımsızlığıma yol verin 2013

Give way to my Independence! (2014)

Financed by E.U, To support the independent living of people with developmental disabilities (mental disabilities and autism) through supporting them to go out in the street; therefore contributing to the equal citizenship of disabled people in the society.


2014 Beylikdüzü Kaynaştırma İş uygulama Merkezi


Beylikdüzü Integration Project (2014)

Koç Holding has been funded within the scope of the project "For My Country"; the Provincial Directorate of Education and the Tohum Autism Foundation. With the Beylikduzu Integration Project, the aim were creating consciousness and reaching to teachers, administrators and students who were volunteer in primary schools in Beylikdüzü District. This pilot project will be an example to Turkey with a mainstreaming project was launched.


Beylikdüzü Special Education Business Application Center (2014)

Within the scope of Koç Holding "For My Country" project, the continuity of Beylikdüzü Business Application Center has been ensured. In the scope of the project, super visions made by the experts of Tohum Autism Foundation to Beylikdüzü Special Education Business Application Center trainers for the 2013-2014 academic year. During the 2015-2016 academic year, trainings and educations were held under the sponsorship of Domino's Pizza. In addition, music and arts workshops were established in the school.

Technical Tender to Reinforcement of Special Education (2014)

Tohum Autism Foundation joined to the “Technical Tender to Reinforcement of Special Education” financed by European Union / IPA-II as consortium partner. In the tender context, capacity of Counseling and Research Centers have been enhanced, vocational skills of psychology / counseling teachers have been developed and a national conference to network institutions who are working in special education field has been organised.

Vocational Qualifications Authority, Professional Elements Projects (2013)
The Tohum Autism Foundation has made efforts to enhance national and international legal and managerial regulations for capacity development of professionals who provide services to children with developmental disabilities. Professional standards prepared and presented to the VQA for home trainer, school support staff, adult support staff, rehabilitation counselor and behavior analyst who are working with disabilities. Project still continues.

My Tablet Speaks for Me II (2014)

my tablet speaks to me 2

Supported by the USA Consulate, the main aim of this project is to improve the education quality of children with autism in Turkey via technology use. The uses of new technology have been introduced as a method of teaching to the students with autism and their teachers and parents. This is the second part of “My Tablet Speaks for Me” and focuses on object matching, body parts and actions. (Tohum 2 via Apple store)
Project lasted for 9 months.

My Tablet Speaks for Me I (2012)
Supported by the USA Consulate, the main aim of this project is to improve the education quality of children with autism in Turkey via technology use. The uses of new technology have been introduced as a method of teaching to the students with autism and their teachers and parents. (Tohum 1 via Apple store)

2011oçem kaliteli eğitim projesi

Parent Seminars in Autism: To know is to Understand (2012)

2012 bilmek anlamaktırSupported by The General Consulate of Netherlands MATRA Fund, the project aims to provide parents of children with autism with introductory knowledge on autism as well as basic skills to interact with children with autism. It is aimed to inform parents for children with autism aged 0-8 living in Istanbul with two-day seminars and to be understand the autism and to improve university students in both professional sense and social responsibility sense. This effort is the main objective of the project to contribute to the integration of children with autism into the collective. The seminars were given by 3rd and 4th grade psychology students who were trained by Tohum Autism Foundation. During the seminar, 1st and 2nd grade students also helped their parents to attend the trainings by caring for their children.

Integration Cartoon Project (2012)

2012Kaynaştırma Eğitimi Animasyon Filmi Gökkuşağı OkuluLiving with the differences and showing respect, understanding the way to come from the theme of Tohum Autism Foundation; cartoons were prepared for the students and teachers at the first level of primary and primary education together with the experts in the field. The cartoon called 'Rainbow School' was distributed in all primary schools.


Teacher Trainings in Education Centers for Children With Autism (OÇEM) (2011)

Tohum Autism Foundation, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Bağcılar Chamber of Commerce and Lokman Hekim signed a protocol with OÇEM and passed the "OÇEM Quality Education" project. The aim of the project is to contribute to the education of the children with autism in the age of compulsory education by providing the professional development of the scientifically based practices, arranging the classes according to the educational objectives of the children and equipping them with materials.


Increasing the Productivity of the young people with disability and integrating them in Labor Market (2010)

2011 otistik çocuklar eğitim merkezleri geliştirme projesiIstanbul Development Agency Social Inclusion and Social Integration Small Scale Infrastructure Supported by the Financial Support Program and conducted by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education and the partnership of Tohum Autism Foundation. The project "Increasing the productivity of people with autism and supporting their entry into the labor market" contributes to the development of occupational skills of the general purpose, disadvantaged people with autism, and to increasing their employability and ensuring independent living conditions on their feet. Supervision trainings were completed with the support of the expert staff of the Tohum Autism Foundation after the start of the construction of the Beylikdüzü Special Education and Business School with trainers, the selection of the student selection criteria, the regulation of the classroom and the educational environment, the establishment of the special curriculum originating from the science and the beginning of the education.

Strengthening Special Education in Turkey (2010)
Tohum is a consortium partner in the Technical Assistance Team of this project, which will last for 30 months. Within the scope of technical tender; by improving special education services in Turkey, is aimed to exclude disadvantaged groups and individuals in need of special education contributes to participate in society.


Increasing The Number Of Children With Autism Attended To The Pre-School Education By Creating An E-Learning Portal For Parents (2010)

2010Anne Babalara Yönelik E Öğrenme Portalı İle Otizmli Çocukların Okul Öncesi Eğitime Katılımlarının Artırılması"Project for Increasing the Pre-school Education Participation of children with autism with E-Learning Portal for Parents and Trainers" was implemented within the scope of European Union Grant Scheme. The project aims to improve early intervention capacities of teachers and parents working with autistic children and to contribute to pre-school education of autistic children in disadvantaged groups in order to maximize the benefits of pre-school education for children with autism. The training portal, which is available free of charge at www.tohumotizmportali.org, is still in circulation and has 21,172 members.

Implementation and Policy Recommendation to Increase the Effectiveness of Inclusive/Integrated Education Practices in Turkey (2010)
2008otizmli Çocukların Fiziki Bağımsızlıklarını ve Hareketliliklerini Eğitim Yoluyla Geliştirerek Topluma Tam Katılımlarını DesteklemekThe "Project for Policy and Implementation Proposals to Improve the Effectiveness of Integration / Integration" was carried out by the Education Reform Initiative, funded by the Sabancı Foundation. Within the scope of the project initiated to increase the effectiveness of the education method by the mainstream adopted at the legislative level for the access of the disabled children to the quality education, three schools with different characteristics in different regions of Istanbul were identified and a support model aiming to increase the effectiveness of the education through integration with these schools was implemented as a pilot . Within the scope of the project, 4 different reports were prepared and shared with the decision makers.

Promoting Full Participation of Children with Autism in the Society, by Improvement of Physical Independence, Mobility, Through Education (2008)

The EU Grant, taken under “Strengthening Civil Society in the Pre-Accession Process: NGO Grant Facility” was used to train teachers of Counselling and Research Centres on children with autism in Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, Kocaeli, Izmir and Istanbul. Ministry of National Education was collaborated to run the project. Two other NGOs, one from Bursa (Bursa Autistic Children Association) and one from Adana (Adana Autism Association) were Tohum’s Project partners.

Autism Screening Project (2006)
In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and with the grant of EU. With this project, Tohum Autism Foundation made screening in 5 pilot cities: Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Kocaeli and Gaziantep. 46 000 children (babies from 18 to 36 months old) were screened via M-CHAT and CHAT tests as a result of this project.






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