About Us

Tohum Autism english logoTohum Autism Turkey Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation is established on April 15, 2003 as a non-profit, non-governmental civil organization with an aim to lead and disseminate early diagnosis and social integration of children with “Autism Spectrum Disorder” via special education, throughout the country.

Our Vision

The vision of Tohum Autism Foundation is to ensure early diagnosis of “Autism Spectrum” in Turkey and to ensure fulfillment of health and educational needs of diagnosed children and their families in line with the world standards. 

Our Mission

For the children and young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families; additionally for the children and young people who have special education in inclusion environment and their families;

  • To meet knowledge and support needs of children with autism and their families in order to enable them to sustain their lives according to available contemporary standards,
  • To training the trainers, provide education and research opportunities,
  • To increase capacity of qualified personal on special education, facilitation and related professions in Turkey.
  • To support and improve the nationwide health and education services,
  • To promote and develop opportunities for occupation, independent living and social life,
  • To conduct advocacy works and legal regulations to improve policies,
  • To establish a conscious public opinion and raise awareness.
  • To create effective collaborations with other governmental and private institutions
  • To achieve world standards in screening, detailed evaluation and diagnosis processes on autism and their dissemination throughout the country,
  • To build capacity for children with ASD to receive early intensive special education, to meet all the needs from the least restrictive educational environment to all phases of life,
  • To establish of model school by applying PCDI programs in the education of children with ASD and ensure that the programs are spread throughout the country.

Our Principles and Values

  • Scientific approach
  • Leadership and pioneering
  • Transparency
  • Credibility
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Inter-institutional communication and cooperation
  • Smart usage of resources
  • Valuing-respecting human being and children, favor the best services




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