Educational Programs and Activities

TEGV has distinctive educational programs and activities that focus on child-centred education methods in order to improve our children's life skills and support their primary education.

In order for children to gain the most fundamental knowledge and skills that they will need throughout their lives, educational activities are carried out in five main fields: Science, Mathematics, Reading, Arts, and Informatics.

READING programs use interesting and creative content to develop children’s creative thinking and expression skills.
MATHEMATICS programs aim at developing children’s thinking skills and problem solving abilities.
SCIENCE programs introduce children to scientific and analytical thinking.
ARTS programs introduce children to various kinds of artistic concepts and techniques, increasing children’s artistic skills.
INFORMATICS programs enhance children’s basic digital skills, problem solving abilities, and algorithmic thinking skills.

In addition to these main programs, volunteers conduct various other activities, including such topics as the environment, theatre, music, media, photography, and sports. Together with our academic support programs, these short-term activities increase children’s academic competence, while also nurturing their personal and character development.

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