Volunteering; an individual's own free will, with no motivation based motivation, and the activities carried out by the family for the benefit of individuals and / or other living things other than its immediate surroundings.

You can be the hero of the children of SosyalBen!

There's nothing you can't do after you believe in yourself. Just trust yourself, your team and your ideas. Your belief that you will be able to succeed when you exceed the obstacles you encounter will increase exponentially. Remember that good works cannot stand in the way of doing and the power of good. It is time to take action as soon as possible to taste the happiness and spiritual pleasure of creating a smile on someone else's face! You can join this family and touch the lives of children as a SocialBen Foundation Volunteer.

Over 350 volunteers composed of students of our university in Turkey and around the world in different countries performing field studies exploring the capabilities of children, we are helping them develop their social identity.

In January and September of each year, the SosyalBen Foundation calls on behalf of all its communities to simultaneously recruit new volunteers.


From Volunteers

SosyalBen is the only place where I use the words ‘how good’ mostly in my life

Being a member of SosyalBen means for me, in a sense, also growing up; to be friends with many children since 2013; to become brothers and sisters; to get acquainted with thousands of children from Sinop to Hatay or from Cambodia to Montenegro

Let’s all make a difference for this world

There is no limit to what a human being can do in this sense. Thank you SosyalBen for having taught that to me and many children.

Beauties will save the world, and everything that begins with loving a child.

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