Our Works

Our Works

The workings where we come together with children between 7-13 years of age and perform workshops with them in various fields for providing them to discover their own skills, to know themselves and to gain self-confidence, are called by us as "Fieldworks".

In the fieldworks that continue one week in average, we have fun and a great time for training and discovering. On the other hand we complete our preparations for the Show we perform on the last day of the workshop. And on the Show Day, we are not involved directly in any activity, and leave the stage to our children for ensuring them to show what they can achieve and what they can do if they want and are properly trained.


National Works

We visited a total of 65 provinces. Thanks to the Research & Development Studies carried out by our volunteers, we performed our activities in all 7 geographical regions of Turkey.


Intenational Works

Our activities do not only comprise domestic fieldworks for children in Turkey but also overseas fieldworks for world children without making any religious, linguistic, racial or ethnical discrimination. Till this day, we performed 10 overseas fieldworks with several workshops for needy children.

Macedonia: We performed our first overseas fieldwork in Skopje, Macedonia in 2013 where fifteen volunteers of us came with eighty children together. Within the scope of our fieldwork, we provided trainings to children in various workshops for sports, table tennis, theatre, jewellery design, painting, music and dancing. Moreover, between 15 and 22 March 2015, we met with Turkish Juruks in Eastern Macedonia. We organized workshops in the fields of inventions, culture, painting, music, dancing, photography, creative writing etc. for contributing them to develop their self-confidence.

The Gambia: Our second overseas fieldwork was performed in Gambia, Africa between the dates of 18 and 25 January 2014 in a small borough three hours away from the city centre. The trainings were provided to a total of 150 children in English. The workshops were organized by seven volunteers in the fields of dancing, music, invention and jewellery design.

Cambodia: The third one of our overseas fieldwork was performed between the dates of 18 and 25 January 2015 in Cambodia, the Laughing Country of the Far East, where we worked in a region far away from the city centre. The trainings were provided to more than 100 children in English. Our workshops of 36 hours were organized in the fields of dancing, short film, music and intentions while the weekly education hours in this country is less than 20.

Nepal: We performed our fourth overseas fieldwork in Nepal after the terrible earthquake there in 2015, and as the first Turkish association in this country, started our workings on the 41st day of the disaster in the village Nagarkot within the region Bhaktapur that is 2 hours away from the capital city Kathmandu. 5 volunteers of us organized 5 days workshops in the fields of painting, music, inventions and dancing each of which was more beautiful than the other. On the last day of our workings, we distributed all the charities gathered to the children and thus shared their happiness.

Mongolia: In Ulan Bator in Mongolia, the coldest capital city in the World, we met up with 180 children between the 23rd of November and 1st of December 2015. Seven volunteers organized workshops in short film, music, dance, painting, inventions and photography for enabling the children to discover their skills, and that at a temperature of minus twenty degree Celsius. But the warm smiling in the faces of the children was worth all the efforts.

Montenegro: After our workings in the coldest capital city in the World, for the sake of reaching all needy children of the World, we made our next fieldwork in Balkans, in Montenegro between the 1st and the 6th of June 2016. In the village Bisevo of the township Rozaje, we provided five different workshop trainings to a total of 225 children. The children, after this one week workshop training where they discovered their selves, demonstrated a stage show which was an indicator of the self-confidence they gained as a result of the workshop.

Jordan: In 2017, we performed our workshop activities with Palestinian children living in UNRWA Wihdat refugee camp.

Brooklyn: With the partnership of Brooklyn Municipality, we met with immigrant children living in Brooklyn district of New York.

Chile: By reaching out Southern America, we performed workshop activities in 2 different school with children.

India: We met 150 children at the Balabharathy Central School in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Region, India, on January 22-27, 2018, with invention, painting, music, sports and photography workshops.

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