Our Vision

From where comes the name SosyalBen?

Since we target in our projects to provide our children to be successful not only in academic aspect but also on the social part of their life, we gave the name “SosyalBen” to our learning and development process leading our children to evaluate themselves and say “I’m a social individual”. 


We imagine a society consisting of strong generations that are aware of their social self and of their skills.


To support children of the age group 7 – 13 years living in economically disadvantageous areas to discover and develop their social self and social skills; to contribute them to broaden their horizons, to strengthen their self-confidence and thus to become and grow up as much more blissful individuals; to support them to learn sharing and to gain sense of community and consciousness of social living.


SosyalBen Foundation on its way to reach world children everywhere on the earth embraced and adopted the following principles and continues its activities accordingly:
World Citizenship
Respecting Diversities
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Benefit

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