Our Principles

Women’s Solidarity

At Mor Çatı we believe that male violence is rooted in the inequality of men and women in our society and so one of the aims of our work is to empower women’s solidarity and to help them struggle against this inequality. Our aim is to question social values which are producing the violence against women.  

We work to end domestic violence against women and children by building women’s self-esteem and confidence. When women are ready we encourage them to make their own decisions. We support a woman’s process in decision-making without judging her or putting pressure on her. 

  • In Mor Çatı decisions are made through a collective process.
  • There are no hierarchical mechanisms and we try not to create hierarchy through our differences.
  • Rotation of authorization and responsibilities is applied. Therefore the information is not held by just one person.
  • Projects are performed on the base of the availability of volunteers who are expected to fulfill their duties during their period of commitment.


Our Aim is to

  • Encourage everyone to speak
  • Tolerate feedback and criticism
  • Run meetings having a facilitator who is changed by rotation
  • Concentrate on what is said rather than who said it
  • Avoid being prejudiced, using labels, judging others, using accusations, discriminating and ignoring the feelings of others


Communication with women who apply to Mor Çatı

Throughout the interview process the volunteers, who interview the women who come to Mor Cati, must keep their own value systems and beliefs to themselves. Volunteers are encouraged to examine their beliefs, values and differences at the volunteer’s training.

During the interview, the main issue is to acknowledge that the woman has experienced violence. In Mor Çatı, nobody believes that women provoke or deserve violence.  During the interview we not intervene in the woman’s decisions whatever those decisions might be.

By the time a woman has come to Mor Çatı she has learnt to deal with domestic violence in her home. Once she has made the decision to approach Mor Cati for help, advice and information she is no longer the same person she used to be but ready to stand up against the violence. The important issue is to decide how far we can go in giving the woman individual empowerment.

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