How we connect them to life?



  1. Most important of all is that we are saving lives. We are giving life to the tiny bodies who have been diagnosed with a disease as difficult as leukemia and cancer. By visiting our children at their homes, we are completing what they are missing, whether it be a bedroom set, or major appliances in their kitchen.
  2. We are visiting our patients who are located in hospitals around Turkey and boosting their morale through our emergency assistance packages.
  3. We are giving all our children with leukemia financial medical assistance for a period of 6 months. We transfer this amount to the bank account of the mothers of our children. If there is a need, we continue to provide this assistance.
  4. Our LÖSEV TRUCK goes from village to village, ensuring that we knock on each door and embrace all patients. We bring all of their needs all the way to their homes, whether it be pasta or computers. Based on the principle, “There is no rich or poor when it comes to children”, we provide equal assistance to all of our children with leukemia according to an assessment of their needs.
  5. We make the wishes of our children who are undergoing intensive treatment at our hospitals come true, going on frequent trips together, traveling to thanks to the contributions of our sponsors.
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