What do we do?

As Foundation for Children in Need of Protection Turkey, were trying to develop solutions to the problems of children in need of protection thus trying to minimize the negative social impact of this problem on society. For this purpose, we carry out preventive, protective and improvement activities.


What we do in the field of prevention
We are trying to teach parents about strengthening family ties.so the children may not need to go under state protection.

Parenting School: We conduct parental seminars with the aim of protecting the child with-in the family and strengthening the families by improving their awareness.
In this respect, helping parents to develop positive attitudes and behaviours towards their children, explaining how they can establish a healthy communication channel with their children and improving awareness of the parents on several subjects from changes that children are going through at different stages of their development to sexual education, we have established “Koruncuk Parenting School” in 2015.
This program, running on weekends, covers the topics about: child development, child health and nutrition, consanguineous marriages, family planning, the principles of raising children, the child's sexual education, the adolescence period and its problems.

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Children’s right activities: We are trying to teach children and families about children’s rights. For this purpose we led the establishment of a platform with 27 other NGO’s for defending children’s right, also participate actively in other children’s right platforms to reinstate children’s rights in every field.
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Awarness about sexual exploitation: We are organizing seminars for parents, teachers and all related professionals for awareness of sexual abuse, means of detecting and avoiding such act, preparing handbooks for this purpose.

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What we do in the field of protection

We are trying to provide an environment of love and trust in Children Villages for our children who are in need of protection. We have established two villages one in Istanbul (Koruncukköy Bolluca) and the other one in Izmir (Koruncukköy Urla) in 1992.

Children’s Village System
The Children’s Village System provides an atmosphere closest to the family environment for children who can no longer live with their biological families or who cannot benefit from foster family or adoption services systems.
Children’s Village consists of 10-12 Family Houses and social facilities provide safe sheltering for children under state protection. The most important feature of the Children's Village is that it offers children a healthy family environment and safe living. A Koruncuk (affectionate nick name we have given to our children) who comes to Children’s Village, placed in a Family House, starts to live with the caregivers whom children call mother or aunt and with his/her siblings (if any) ; attends local schools, takes part in sports and cultural activities, and like in every normal family, grows up in a loving and safe environment. When they reach adolescence, Koruncuks, with the support of psychologists, get transferred to the Youth Houses which are also in the Children’s Village. Together with the other youngsters in their group they learn to take responsibilities in house choirs and get the opportunities to develop themselves under the supervision of the Youth Leaders of the house.

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Day Care Center
Our kindergarten located at Culture Centre in Koruncukköy operates as Private Koruncuk Day Care Center. The aim of the center which runs classes on: Turkish language activities, preparatory reading-writing activities, dramas, science and nature studies, sports activities, practical mathematics and chess, is to equip children with basic skills, to help them to express themselves and to help develop their creativity by encouraging them to be inquisitive. These little children, through learning activities taking place in outdoors or indoors (such as creative art classes), are carefully prepared for school life in a safe and fun environment by professional and caring teachers.

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Kids Club
We support the development of children between 6-13 years of age at the Children's Club at Koruncukköy Bolluca Culture Centre. Outside school hours, we run support programs for children's academic and personal development; foreign language courses; cultural, artistic and sporting activities. The Children's Club, which currently serves 44 children; have children's games, fine arts, physical training and sports activities, foreign language, chess, practical mathematics, intelligence games, dance, drama, theatre, music, computer, robotics, photography, scouting, handicraft and model aircraft making. In addition, children have also access to music room, library, gymnastics equipment, fitness, table tennis equipment outside school programme.

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Back to Family
As a foundation, we regard the family environment as child's primary living space and we acknowledge the importance of providing support (including risk prevention) while they are with the families. We also provide support services to biological and foster families in this area.
In order to improve the health and the quality of reuniting process of the children with their biological families (which satisfies the conditions of return and have suitable family structure) , we have started to extend our psycho-social support services outside the Children’s Village to those children who once lived in Koruncukköy Bolluca,
The consultancy services that we provide to the parents of the children who are ready to reunite their families are on improving parenting skills and repairing fragmented family structure. These services provided before and continue to be provided on average 6 to 12 months after children are returned to their families will provide our children a second chance to find the healthy family environment that we aspire to provide in their own family.
The same services are provided for our children who have left the village and placed in foster families.
Second Chance Programme: In Children village we provide intensive rehabilitation programme for those especially subject to sexual abuse and who stay in the village to improve their coping capabilities with psychological problems.

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What we do in the field of improvement

Our foundation produces solutions for 18 years of age or older children from Koruncukköy, who are either returned to their biological families or now under no protection order, for them to complete their personal and career developments and to become successful individuals.

Semi-Independent Life Support
Semi-Independent Living: It is the period when young people, who have reached the age of 18 but whose educations are continuing or their protection orders have been lifted, or young people who are job seekers or have just got their jobs and started earning money, live together in the houses rented by the foundation. Young Koruncuks are supported by the Children's Village during this period as well.

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Full Independent Life Support
The period of Full Independent Life is defined as the period when a Koruncuk’s contact with the Children’s Village is no longer a physical one. The Children's Village is now a home where their roots are and a place they can get in touch with anytime they need.

Care is taken to keep the communication lines open with these young people. Koruncuk Family supports the young people financially and emotionally during their military service and marriage; ceremonies such as engagement, wedding and sending off for military service are traditionally organised together.
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Better Hands-on
We are about to establish an advisory centre and a digital platform to provide consultancy and support services on career & personal development and to provide rehabilitation to those who have grown up in different institutions and are no longer under “protection order”, similar to the semi-independent children of Koruncukköy Bolluca whom we support.

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