About Red Ribbon Istanbul

Red Ribbon Istanbul is a civil society organization, founded in 2016, that aims to do evidence-based activism with reliable HIV information, focused on mainly key populations, but also all segments of the society. With the know-how of Red Ribbon Istanbul’s team who come from various fields including law, health, entertainment, politics, and organization development, we aim to provide precise information about HIV to all segments of society. General idea of the organization is that the most effective tool to prevent the spread of HIV is knowledge that is scientifically-proven and data-supported.

Red Ribbon Istanbul set its vision as “being Turkey’s most trusted civil society organization working in the HIV field with international recognition and representation” and reached its goals with international cooperation and visibility in a short time like two years. As an example to this, Red Ribbon Istanbul is one of the first signatory organizations of U=U campaign (www.preventionacess.org) which started in the U.S. back in 2016 and then turned into a global activist movement in a very short time and carried the campaign into Turkey with various collaborations.

The organization has participated all the international congresses and conferences that took place in the E.U. and made presentations in many different countries about the HIV facts in Turkey since the founding. Red Ribbon Istanbul has aroused positive international attention for Turkey. Some of the international organizations that Red Ribbon Istanbul collaborates are:

  • European AIDS Treatment Group – EATG (Belgium)
  • AIDS Action Europe (Germany)
  • HIV Vereniging (The Netherlands)
  • NAM – AIDSMap (United Kingdom)
  • HIV – I Base (United Kingdom)
  • Prevention Access Campaign (USA)

With thematic events like Red Ribbon Party and Red Ribbon Gala, the organization has caught the community’s attention and pioneered writing the joint statements of World AIDS Day in 2017 and 2018. Turkey’s first HIV activism training academy, Positive Academy, has launched by Red Ribbon Istanbul in 2018. The organization’s website under the theme “All About HIV”, www.kirmizikurdele.org, is the most visited HIV information source in Turkey.

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