Women and Life

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She organized a campaign named "Mother-Daughter at the School" and gave writing and reading lectures to the parents after the school. After two years there was no one who doesn't know how to read or write.

Dilek Article 5 photo 2 She opened a parental education course in the school and the village women took parental education once a week.

Dilek Article 5 photo 3Dilek changed the life her students and their families. Women went on culture trips.

Dilek Article 5 photo 4 She took the village women to an opera for the first time in their life.

Dilek Article 5 photo 5 She developed a project called "Opera in the Village". She invited the State Opera and Ballet Performers to the village and the village people experienced an opera performance.


Dilek Article 5 photo 6 She organized International Women's Day in the village, the village women celebrated this day for the first time, they made a poem performance, listened and write poems which they have never done before.


Dilek Article 5 photo 7 She invited the Municipality of Samsun Folk Music Performers to her school, organized "A Song for Each Woman" event, the village people came to the school and had a great day.

Dilek Article 5 photo 8 Dilek Article 5 photo 9 She provided a business opportunity to the village women with the support of Turkish Employment Organization, changed the school lodging into a shoe workshop and made the village women gain a profession and earn money. She widened the project and built new 160m2 vocational workshop with the sport of sponsorships.

Dilek Article 5 photo 10 She created a project called "Mother and Daughter Hand-to-Hand" and took 36 women from the village to İstanbul by plane on the Mother's Day. They did culture and entertainment tour for 3 days.


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The village women also went to a cinema for the first time.

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