Who is Dilek Livaneli and the 'My School Rejuvenates' project

Who Is Dilek Livaneli?

Dilek Livaneli who has been a primary school teacher for 15 years, has graduated from Gazi University School of Education and her post graduation is from Social Science Institute. She has been working at different schools in rural areas and since 2002 she has been developing and implementing different social, cultural and economical projects covering both students and their families.
She was chosen as the Teacher who Makes Difference in the Profession on November 24, 2012 and represented Samsun at Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Prime Ministry, Presidential Palace as the best teacher of the year title. She also won the Ataturk Youth Award that ıs gıven by The Ataturk Society of America.
Dilek Livaneli is the only teacher who was chosen as one of the best 50 teachers of the world from 127 different countries by Varkey Gems Foundation Community of Global Teacher Prize, the honorary presidentship of which is done by the former USA President Bill Clinton. She also been nominated for UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Prize Rewards with her “Bir Dilek Yetmez” Project. Her biography and dedication to kids education has become a documentary.
In early February 2018, she won a scholarship for language training Dilek Livaneli is currently developing new approaches for training in collaboration with Montessori Foundation in London.
She wrote almost 100 poems about teaching profession. She also took Modern Drama Lessons, she gives chess and computer lessons voluntarily. She has a photography collection including all of her students photographs. She is married and has two children.


My School Rejuvenates Project

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She carried out a project called "MY SCHOOL REJUVENATES" and managed her school to become regenerated and developed.


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She realized that there were no kindergarten in the village or close to the village and opened a kindergarten class in her school.


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She created a hobby class for her students.


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She provided her students to have their own PCs and formed an interactive class by using interactive boards for the first time in Turkey in a village school.


Dilek Article 1 photo 10

Dilek Article 1 photo 11 She gave music and art education to students in the village.


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She carried out a local project called "Young and Old Alike Making a Turkish Flag". All the village came together on the National Holiday celebration, created a hand made Turkish Flag and showed great solidarity.


Dilek Article 1 photo 13
She provided the village to attend and show interest to National Holiday Celebrations.



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