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Darüşşafaka is a boarding school which provides quality education in English from fifth grade through the end of high school to talented children with one or no parents from low-income families, on a full scholarship. Darüşşafaka selects its students with a skill-based exam held in 24 provinces of Turkey. 4th grade students who have lost their mothers or fathers can enter the Darüşşafaka exam.


Darüşşafaka has survived only with donations from the public since its establishment. For 155 years, Darüşşafaka has been changing lives through education, thanks to generous donations from those who know that they can donate with perfect confidence. All opportunities offered to our children at Darüşşafaka Schools are made possible by donations from individuals, organizations and companies. In addition to all educational expenditures, student’s daily needs such as clothing, accommodation, food, and health services are all covered by donations to the Society.

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One of our students once said, “Darüşşafaka is the proof that one’s destiny can change.” There are currently 927 students from 74 provinces of Turkey at Darüşşafaka, whose destinies are changing, thanks to our donors’ support.


Given an opportunity for a world-class education, students are able to embark on a new life as self-confident, intellectual, inquiring, and curious individuals who feel responsible for the society. At Darüşşafaka, we always aim to improve the quality of education and provide wider opportunities to our dear students. Throughout its history, Darüşşafaka has always provided the highest quality education of its time.

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The philosophy of education at Darüşşafaka is that every student can make it. Darüşşafaka pays full attention to each and every student’s needs and the purpose of education is to discover and develop students’ talents.


There are more than 50 different clubs offered to students at Darüşşafaka, ranging from STEM and 3D Design & Printing to Model United Nations, Erasmus, chess, music and entrepreneurship. They can learn to dance, study drama, play any musical instrument they wish to play.


Darüşşafaka Robotics Club has been participating in international competitions in the US since 2009, winning prestigious awards and making us proud!


In the campus, there is a planetarium and observatory where students can observe the Sun, Moon, stars and planets. Stars get closer, just like their dreams.


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