Youth Project and Events

ÇYDD Mentoring Project

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This project aims to support the university students receiving scholarship from ÇYDD for their career goals and their personal development. Each student is matched with a mentor from a related business field so that they can share knowledge, skills and experience. Mentors encourage students to be prepared for business life and to become leading individuals. Additionally, it is aimed to increase self-awareness and self-confidence so that partners can have a wider and better perspective in daily life.


Youth Congresses

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Young people from the youth commissions of CYDD branchs come together once a year to share their experiences on the projects they involved in. The agenda and subjects are collectivelly decided at least four months earlier. These subjects are usually chosen from topics on our daily issues in our country and the future of our country. Topics that are important for young people are also included in the congress program. ÇYDD youth has so far organized 20 congresses. During the congress, youth from different branches communicate with each other and exchange ideas on the presentations.


Youth Camps

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The youth camps are hosted by ÇYDD branches on Turkey’s coastline since 2006. These camps aim to strengthen the communication among ÇYDD youth and to help them learn while they are having fun.



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Each year ÇYDD youth come together to memorolize Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey in Ankara.


ÇANAKKALE Martyrs Memorial Meeting
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Each year in March, our youth visit Çanakkale to memorilize Martyrs and celebrate 18 March Canakkale Victory.


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