Happy Learning Class Students and Cat Family

I would like to tell you about the beginning of Happy Learning Class Students and Cat Family in a boutique village school with many beautiful trees in the backyard. Everything started with imagination, me and my students have imagined a very different classroom environment. We wondered, we researched, we cooperated. As a result of our research, we designed a learning environment that could meet our needs. Our most important goal was to have a Learning Environment where we can enjoy learning together and become a learning partner. The physical environment was ready, and it was time to organize the teaching programs. As a class using Cooperative Learning and Problem Based Learning Methods actively, it was just what we wanted.


As I told you, our school is in nature as a result of this my students were bringing something from backyard, even animals. While waiting for what they were going to bring to class this time, my students came to class with a box and there was a cat inside it. They told me that they had found it on the street. -They asked whether they could take care it in the class or not. I informed them about the difficulties of caring the cat in the class atmosphere. And I told them they might have some problems, about it. As soon as they heard it they got together and they detected the problems using Fish Bone (Ishikawa) diagram. They detected about 60 problem cases. They worked on the problem cases for two weeks. After coming up with solutions for the problems they have identified, we voted in the class council to ‘’Let the cat live with us or not.’’ I voted ‘Yes’ as well. And our lovely adventure started. The most important thing was that  my students organized the process and they carried out everything by themselves. Our story started. A story which is amusing, joyful and full of happy learning activities. Our  crucial outcomes are:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Creating a Life Atmosphere with a Cat
  • Love for Animals
  • Real Life Problems and Learning
  • Collaboration and Problem Solving
  • Self-Management and Class Assembly
  • Democracy
  • Task Assignments
  • Responsibility and Participating Social Responsibility Projects Actively
  • Budget Management
  • Animal Rights
  • Pregnancy and Pregnancy Process
  • Empathy, Respect and
  • Happiness :)

‘’Let's create a learning environment that supports students imagination and creativity unlimitedly, so that they get the joy of learning. They turn into the hope for the future, they beautify the future.

(Sınıf Düzenleme Resminin altına konulabilir) Our students take responsibility for daily works, distribution of tasks, cleaning of classroom and needs of cat. They shared the responsibilities about the cleaning of classroom and organized the process by themselves.


(Hamilelik Resimlerin altına konulabilir) Pregnancy and Pregnancy Process, Empathy, Respect Maybe the most important learning outcome is: One of my students EFE, asked his friend to volume down the piano which his friend was playing when Zibidi entered the class. Efe reminded his friends about the pregnancy of the Zibidi. And he added Zibidi was in need of rest and sleep because of pregnancy. Living with cats in the classroom helped my students develop their empathy skills.

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