Children grow with the love and involvement of their mothers and fathers

We aim to support, through education, parents’ efforts in their capacity as the shapers of a child’s development and the closest to a child; to contribute to their parenting skills.

The MSP was created to support mothers in their parenting roles, to raise awareness on child development, to strengthen their communication with their children, and to inform mothers about their rights and healthy living. They also serve to provide children with a supportive home environment where the mother has higher self-confidence, an increased sensitivity for child development, hence an increased role of an educator in their children’s lives.

Father Support Program (FSP)
FSP aims to support fathers in assuming an active role and responsibility in child development. Constantly updated in line with scientific advancements and social needs, the program creates positive changes in fathers’ child rearing attitudes. Significant increases are seen in participating fathers’ knowledge in various ways they can support their children’s development, as well as their awareness of the concept of involved fatherhood.


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