Life's Miracle Years: Early childhood period

We create and implement our programs in early childhood development to create equal opportunities in education towards a more developed society.
Early childhood education interventions targeting the community’s disadvantaged population play an important role in reducing inequalities and, in particular, intergenerational transfer of these inequalities. Within this scope, AÇEV provides educational programs for young children and parents.

Mother-Child Education Program (MOCEP)
MOCEP is an evidence-based, home-based educational program for children 5 years of age, who have not received preschool education, and their mothers, empowering mothers in providing support to their children’s education at home. The program was created
to strengthen mothers in their parenting role, while also supporting their contributions to their children’s cognitive, physical, and socioemotional development.

Child Education Program (CEP)
With the Child Education Program (CEP), developed for children aged 4 and higher, we aim to increase the
school readiness of children who are socioeconomically disadvantaged and deprived of the necessary support in
their developmental environment, through preliteracy activities and overall support for their linguistic development. The CEP material also aims to support the habit of doing schoolwork and a sense of confidence in children.

Summer Preschool Programs
AÇEV has developed an accelerated Preschool Education Program (PEP) for 4+ year-old children in regions with identified need to provide equal opportunity in education, a better future for children, and to raise the awareness in their families. The program supports children with no previous preschool education and aims to inform mothers on supporting their children to gain basic academic skills. We also conduct mother support groups with mothers of children attending this program.


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