MEP Miltiadis Kyrkos on the exhibition

"We are here, in the European Parliament, In the exhibition which hosted 11 NGOs from Turkey plus two teachers. It was an interesting event. We witnessed very important work done in the field. A broad range of subjects, including education, refugees, women rights, information on HIV and autism. The presentations were very touching. Once more we realised that civic society is the foundation of modern democracy. The stronger it is, the better the level of democracy in the country, as well as the aid we give to the weaker. What we must keep in mind is that the European Union should continue to aid civil society in Turkey in every way".



Mother Child Education Foundation: Ms. Nalan YALÇIN, General Manager



Association for Supporting Contemporary Life: Ms. Elif KIY, Board Member


Ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you for providing us this big opportunity.
Our organization Association for Supporting Contemporary Life is 30 years old and we are all around Turkey with hundred and ten branches and more than sixteen thousand volunteers. We have touched the lives of approximately eighty thousand girls – we aim to touch more and more. Since women are more disadvantaged and left out of school more than boys we especially support girls among economically disadvantaged students. Our students can dream of becoming teacher, doctor, artists and more with the help of our beloved volunteers. Our primary focus is education for a modern Turkey in line with Atatürk’s principles. We also work hardly to contribute for a modern and secular education system in different platforms as an education NGO. We hope and work for kids and youth so that they can achieve beyond their expectations.
We support early education, primary and secondary school students. We provide school requirements and student basic needs. In our education centers, we help on students, their families and develop seminars to increase awareness about women rights, children rights. Also, In order to develop potential of our students, we started coding project for the kids and mentoring project for the youth. Our greatest motivation is their smiling face, hopeful eyes and their success.
We have a lot of students who achieved their dreams and are contributing modern society in their specialized areas from almost all areas including science, art, medicine and music. I would like to share with you one of these stories. One of our girls have visited our organization for scholarship. She was graduated from a science high school and she got a high rank in the university exam but she was coming from a small village in the east of Turkey and she was the second in 6 siblings. Her father had a serious disease which doesn't let him to have a stable life to focus on raising his kids. Even if he was not sick, he was just a farmer and he couldn't afford to support his all kids. We provided her scholarship, supported her for social leadership projects. She graduated from Industrial Engineering and started her career at one of the biggest German companies and finished her master degree in a reputable university. Currently, she is working as a manager in a software consultancy company and managing a team of fifteen. While she was sticking to life, she took responsibility of her brothers and sisters too. Now they are working as computer engineer, mechanical engineer, biology teacher, junior officer and medical doctor. By she, I mean me. Our organization gave an hand to me and I gave my hand to my sisters and brothers. I do my best to touch more life by supporting our organization and working in different projects. I always keep in my mind that if we can help a kid, first s/he will improve herself, then her family and then society and may be world.
There is much more what we do for a modern Turkey. Please visit us at the exhibition area to share, discuss and get inspired by each other.


Darüşşafaka Society

Darüşşafaka Society: Mr. Hakan OKÇAL, Board Member, Former Ambassador


Dear Mr. Miltiadis Kyrkos, MEP, Vice Chairman of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee,
Dear Mr. Christos Stylianides, Commissioner of the EU,
Ambassadors Levent Gümrükçü and Mehmet Kemal Bozay,
Esteemed EU Parliamentarians,
Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, let me extend the best wishes of our Chairman, Mr. Talha Çamaş, who was unable to travel to Brussels due to health reasons.

It is an honour for me as member of the Board to represent the Darüşşafaka Society, together with my colleagues at this meaningful event.
On behalf of the Darüşşafaka Society, I want to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kyrkos and his staff for the kind invitation extended to us.

The name Darüşşafaka, adopted by our founding fathers who wanted to provide educational opportunities to talented but underprivileged students, means simply “Home of Compassion”.
We are an educational institution that has been providing free of charge high standard education to students coming from low-income families who have lost at least one of their parents for the last 156 years.

We are also proud that we are the first NGO in the field of education in Turkey founded well before the term “Non-Governmental Organization” was even coined, due to the fact that our school relies only on donations and is governed by a board of voluntary members.

Our motto since 1863 is “equal educational opportunities for all”. And I am proud that we were always able to deliver on the aspirations of our founders thanks to the incessant support of our donors.

At the beginning Darüşşafaka was a boarding school for only boys. And I was one of them, member of the 1973 alumni. Since 1971 we were able to include girls among our students under same roof as well, fulfilling a long overdue aspiration of our founders.
As a pillar in the Turkish middle and high school system, Darüşşafaka has been making outstanding contributions to the society since its inception.
Darüşşafaka is a boarding school for both girls and boys from the fifth grade until the 12th grade. Their every imaginable material needs are provided with free of charge. For instance every student has an iPad, next to the conventional school material. The school has an ever improving campus with state of the art facilities. We provide our students medical care on a 24 hours basis, garments and material for extra curricular activities.
But most importantly, our students receive love and care like a closely knit family in line with the values our name stands for.

We select our students from the fourth grade through a skill based exam held in many provinces of Turkey. Then their inspiring journey for a better future starts. They receive a high standard English education. After the school hours, students attend sports and social or cultural club activities which we deem to be as important as the regular education. They do not excel only in math or science but also in sports and arts. Darüşşafaka students are raised as secular minded, self-confident and independent individuals who feel responsible for their families, their immediate communities and the society as a whole.

As one of our students once stated, Darüşşafaka helps them change their destinies. There are currently 927 students, almost half of them girls, from 74 provinces including southeastern provinces of Turkey, at our school. As their lives are transformed for the better, they become role models for the younger generations.
Our ties with our graduates do not cease after their graduation. We try to provide them scholarships and help them find training opportunities. You can find more information about Darüşşafaka at our exhibition stand.

As I said I am a graduate of Darüşşafaka. Had it not been for Darüşşafaka, I would not have achieved many things that made me today. I did not hesitate to serve and pay back to my beloved school voluntarily as member of the Board, right after my retirement from the Foreign Service of Turkey.
Darüşşafaka was able continue its mission through the last one and a half century, thanks to the generous support of thousands of people, regardless of the amount that they donate. A street sweeper’s, a porter’s, a young worker’s or a retiree’s modest donation is as precious for us as any high donation. We are very keen to maintain this special bond between us and the caring citizen. One of our most distinguished donors was non-other than Atatürk’s mother Zübeyde Hanım who gave her meager belongings to Darüşşafaka during the most difficult times of our nation.

As we stand before the threshold of a new industrial revolution, Darüşşafaka is preparing to embrace the educational challenges that we all are facing. We are exploring new avenues for the requirements of a new age that will bring unprecedented changes. We are also trying to increase the numbers of our student body, to serve more underprivileged students and reflect the diversity of Turkey at our school more. These are tall orders, but we are determined to achieve these goals with the support of our donors.

We believe that Darüşşafaka has mission to fulfill not only in Turkey but also in a wider context. We can serve as a role model in many parts of the world. We are ready to cooperate with the European Union to provide equal educational opportunities to deprived communities in many regions.

On behalf of the Board of Darüşşafaka, I would like to thank once again the European Parliament and the EU-Turkey Parliamentary Commission for their kind support of Darüşşafaka and the Turkish civic society.


Red Ribbon Istanbul

Red Ribbon Istanbul: Mr. Arda KARAPINAR, Founding President


Firstly, I would like express that I am so proud to give this speech at the European Parliament, Turkey is among the founding members.
Actually, it is not that easy to tell the story of a subject like HIV of a country like Turkey in a couple of minutes. But I will do my best to keep it short!
First, I want to tell you a bit about Red Ribbon Istanbul. Red Ribbon Istanbul is a 3-year-old young NGO, working in the HIV/AIDS field and framed its works around awareness and advocacy to make the HIV subject talkable in all segments of the society in Turkey. To reach this main goal, we use our own style interventions and evidence-based activisim. I think the living proof of how we fight the epidemy with success is that we are here invited as the youngest NGO among the others.
Our priority is to make Turkey an important player of international HIV agenda ve gain favor for the country with international operations. One of the reasons why we chose such an operation is that it is not realistic to claim you have a solution without using global experiences for a marginalized-all-the-time case like HIV. And the other reason is that Turkey has good examples in fighting with the epidemy and we need to share them with the rest of the world. In this regard, I would like to thank you for giving us this fabulous opportunity on behalf of Red Ribbon Istanbul Team and the other stakeholders which contribute to the field.
Yes, it is not that easy to tell you Turkey’s HIV story in a couple of minutes. So I will make a distinction as “before and after diagnoses” to facilitate telling the story. Good example are from “after diagnosis”. It will not be an exaggerated statement to say Turkey is one of the best practises in Europe with access to treatment, treatment monitoring and viral suppression, when we consider the after diagnosis stage. This claim is confirmed when we remember that still there are no basic treatment options, or enough number of healthcare centers with pyhsicians specialised on HIV in some EU member countries.
But it is not possible to say the same for before diagnosis stage. There are many social, cultural and traditional reasons for this and I hope we can discuss them in other settings. Turkey is still listed among the low-epidemic-number-countries, but considering increasing rates in recent years, it is the number one in the region and in Europe. This is bad news! But the good news as a respond to this is that both civil society and physician groups are mature enough to solve the problem in a creative way and they are working together.
I’ve been doing activism for last ten years and HIV has always been one of my prior interests and work areas. And if I need to compare the current situation of civil society to the situation ten, five or even three years ago, I can frankly say that solution providing and cooperation capacity of us has been seriously developed. So As a founder, I am very happy that Red Ribbon Istanbul is one of the main actors of this change. I believe that basic function of an activist is to establish a fast, realistic and reasonable recommendation relationship with the problems, instead of complaining. We keep on working with this approach at Red Ribbon Istanbul and so we believe we will contribute finding the solutions.
And the last word, As an individual who believes and defends Turkey’s Europe perspective and common values, I would like to thank to Mr. Kyrkos for providing such an opportunity to Civil society as the main defenders of European vision, and to Mrs. Işıl for her highest efforts to holding this exhibition.
I know we are not here to talk politics. But as an indivual I am who also believes and defends Turkey’s Europe perspective and common values, I want to give a clear message to those politicians who call for cancelling the negotiations on full membership of my beloved and hometown country: It is not so easy! Thank you.

Arda Karapınar
Founder, Chairperson
Red Ribbon Istanbul Association



Koruncuk Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection: Ms. Ayşe GÜVENİŞ, General Manager



Foundation for Children with Leukemia: Ms. Sezin SOYLU, Advertisement and Media Planning Coordinator


Mor Çatı

Mor Çatı Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation: Ms. Leyla SOYDİNÇ, Volunteering Social Worker


Dear Guests,

We are very happy to be here on behalf of Mor Çatı and thank you again for hosting us.

Mor Çatı is a pioneering and independent feminist organization that has been constantly active in the field of combating domestic violence and intimate partner violence against women. Mor Çatı was founded in 1990 in Istanbul by women who led the March Against Beating in 1987, a milestone in the feminist movement in Turkey. Mor Çatı has been specifically working to end domestic violence, through feminist practice, improving the mechanisms for combating violence, gender-based discrimination and addressing false policies in the field of violence against women (VAW). Mor Çatı claims that violence against women is both the cause and a consequence of gender inequality and it is also affiliated to the power imbalance between men and women. Therefore, for Mor Çatı, the struggle of ending VAW should be waged hand-in-hand with the fight against gender inequality and patriarchal system dynamics by enhancing women’s solidarity and networking.
Mor Çatı has been running a women’s shelter and a solidarity center in order to provide counseling support for women and their children who have been subjected to male violence and stand in solidarity with them throughout the process of their empowerment. Since 1990, many women and children subjected to violence have received social, psychological and legal support from solidarity center. Beside the solidarity center, The first shelter, which is the first independent women’s shelter in Turkey, has been run between 1995-1998. Since 2009, a shelter supported by the Municipality of Şişli is in operation with a capacity of 20 women and children. Mor Çatı aims at keeping the sustainability of this shelter as a model for women’s shelters that in terms of demonstrating the effectiveness of a feminist operation methodology in empowering women and children.
Apart from solidarity center and shelter, Mor Cati is playing an active role on women’s rights advocacy. Especially in recent years, government policies prioritize the preservation of the unity of the family rather than women’s needs and empowerment as an individual. This has been created a direct effect in the area of the prevention of VAW. Especially in last years, women in Turkey face many threats and attack on women’s rights which could be considered as backlashes. Currently, the law no. 6284 and the right of alimony are under attack in Turkey. The Law (No. 6284) to Protect Family and Prevent Violence against Women, offers the most robust solution as preventive measures to violence against women and came into effect following long years of struggle by feminists. This year women were out proclaiming “6284 is a lifesaver for women” to counter castigations in certain press outlets that this law is a “destroyer of families and breaker-up of households”. As the Mor Çatı Women's Shelter Foundation, we have started a campaign calls “I Made A Decision” in order to emphasize the vital importance of this Law for women, to increase the awareness of all women under the Law.

Mor Çatı also reacted the attack against women’s right of alimony which is very important for the economic and social empowerment of women after divorce. As Mor Cati; we believe that this regulation will increase the economic, psychological, sexual and physical violence against women, imprisonment of women in the household and VAW by making the decision of divorce more difficult.

The solution of the injustices caused by gender inequality will be achieved through the establishment of gender equality, not by taking back the rights gained by the struggle of women for many years. We are not giving up to struggle against VAW and demanding our rights. Thank you for listening!

Mor Çatı Kadın Sığınağı Vakfı



SosyalBen Foundation: Ms. Ece ÇİFTÇİ, Founder and Chairwoman

Hello everyonei first of all I would like to thank Mr Kyrkos fort his invitation. It is a great honour for us to be in here today. My name is Ece Çiftçi, I am the founder and chairwoman of SosyalBen Foundation. My journey started when I was 14 years old in high school.I met with social entreprneurship and social responsibility projects ar a very young age.
I realized that children in rurarl areas dont have enough opportunities to reach wuality education. Also they dont have opportunities to discover and develop their talents. After this realization, I decided to organize my own Project which is SosyalBen.
With SosyalBen Foundation we are working with primary school students in rural areas to discover and improve their talents. We have 10 main workshops such as invention, art,music, dance,sport, creative writing, photography, short film and theatre. For these workshops we have 36 hour cirriculum to improve students talents.
On the other hand SosyalBen Foundation work with 350 volunteers all around Turkey. SosyalBen Foundation second aim is to improve the volunteering rate in Turkey thats why volunteers are just from universities.
Today SosyalBen Foundation Works 65 different cities in Turkey with 8 branches. But as an international NGO our one of the main value is “being a World citizens” thats why since 5 years SosyalBen Foundation worked 11 different countries such as Mongolia, Africa,Cambodia, Jordan,Nepal, Chilie, İndia, Macedonia etc.

As an international Turkish NGO one of the most important thing is finanacial sustainability. As a SosyalBen Foundation we created our own social entreprenurship model. We have 2 sub brands to fund our projetcs. SosyalBen Store and SosyalBen Academy are two subbrands which funds %80 SosyalBen Foundation projects every year.
By means of our own financial sustainability model I had a change to reprsent Turkey in 620 Summit in 2017 and US State Department gace me a “Emerging Young Leaders” award because of my work in SosyalBen Foundation.In Sorbonne, New York and Northeastern Universities we had a chance to gave a speech about SosyalBen’s social entrprenuship model.
Lastly, we believe that çivil society and NGO’s will make World better place to live.
Thank you !


TEGV Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey: Mr. Sait TOSYALI, General Manager

Dear Members of the European Parliament; guests and friends of Turkish NGO’s; Ladies and Gentlemen; Good afternoon.
Thank you all for being here today with us, and also organizing and hosting this event.
I, together with 2 of my colleagues, represent the Turkish Educational Volunteers Foundation-an NGO founded in 1995, with the aim to deliver quality education to children in need.
The institution, abbreviated as TEGV, with its 73 locations around Turkey, is the most wide spread educational organization after the MoE.
TEGV was founded by a group of business people and academicians 24 years ago, who believed that education happens to be the most crucial drawback of our country, which unfortunately is still a major concern!
With 17 M students in the school system in a geography as wide as the sum of several countries of the EU; one can probably imagine the magnitude of the Education System in TR.
As TEGV, our target group is children of ages 6 to 14; and services are open to all without any discrimination and preselection.
Since our foundation, nearly 3 million children have benefitted from TEGV’s services and more than 150 thousand children come to TEGV each year.
As we are located in relatively socioeconomically low end regions of the country, our students are typically from state schools and areas where our services are needed the most.
Our unique model consists of Activity locations, Programs and Volunteers:
We operate in 10 Educational Parks, 39 Learning Units; and 24 Mobile trailers, called Fireflies.
Our facilities are child friendly, colorful and designed to be functional and attractive; where children come with joy and learn as they play and have fun.
Regarding our Programs;
TEGV deliveres supportive courses and activities in 5 core areas. Namely Math-Science-Reading-Art and Informatics;
Informatics includes coding and digital literacy programs have already reached nearly 100 thousand children and 5000 volunteers since its launch in sept 2017.
Apart from these; there are short term activities such as sports, hygiene, music, English language and universal values such as ecology, all aimed to support the self development of children.
Our Volunteers constitute the backbone of our model; activities are delivered to our children through nearly 8000 active Volunteers per year, who go through a careful preselection and training process.
I would like to close by thanking Mr. Kyrgos for putting this wonderful event together.
I am sure that this effort of Mr. Kyrkos will lead to fruitfull projects in due course.
A special thanks to Attorney Ms. Işıl Ergec, assistant to Mr. Kyrgos, who has worked day and night during her weekends and vacations, dealing with every single detail for this event.
Please do visit our stand to learn more about TEGV and our activities.
Thank you.


Tohum Otizm

Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation: Ms. Aylin SEZGİN, Founder and Vice President


Dear representatives of the European Parliament and NGOs, members of the media and guests,

On behalf of Tohum Autism Foundation, I would first like to express how grateful we are to meet long-admired NGOs and individuals who have made their marks in the field of education and thank the European Parliament for hosting the ‘Civil Society in Turkey’ exhibition.

I stand here today both as the founder of an NGO that works in the field of autism and as a mother of a young man with autism.

20 years ago, it had not been possible for my son Cem to be properly diagnosed with autism in Turkey. The despair and loneliness I felt during those days instilled in me the idea of leading the way through this dark path for the mothers in the same situation and all of our autistic kids.

Families of people with autism have no choice but to be the parent and the advocate and the voice of their autistic kids . Some of the frequent problems these families are forced to overcome are: negative treatment of parents and siblings in public and them having to fight against misinformed perceptions, the reluctance of the fathers of children with special needs to face and accept the situation, strikingly high divorce rates and the lack of knowledge, experience, resources and sensitivity of the government officials regarding the subject.

We embarked on this journey with 23 esteemed co-founders. Our shared sensibility towards the subject and drive to make a change brought us together in our mission.

We came together with a common sentiment as well as the knowledge of what exactly needs to be done and worked day and night.

In 2003 we established Tohum Autism Foundation as a health and education focused nonprofit organization that works towards the early diagnosis of children with autism, their socialization through special education programs and the distribution of this know-how to all over the country.

In order to explain the scope of our activities, I would like to briefly go over what we did in the last 15 years:

• We founded a model school on Autism in 2006. Since then 1.904 children attended Tohum Autism Foundation Special Needs School. 918 of our students were supported by scholarships.
• We carried out 33 national and international projects.
• Screened 55.010 children for Autism.
• Trained 12.472 teachers and 1.872 healthcare personnel.
• Delivered more than 150.000 learning kits and books to families for free.
• Founded a Continuing Education Unit and trained more than 15.000 people.
• We donated educational materials and provided curricular support to 36 public schools where children with autism were enrolled in.
• Developed mobile apps and the autism training portal, which has more than 30.000 users today and brought them into use for free.
• Provided free counselling and pedogogic evaluation to more than 9.000 people.
• All in all, we managed to make a difference in the lives of 282.855 children with autism and their families in the past 15 years.
Looking back, it could be said that our efforts have paid off and much has changed for the better in the field of autism.
However the amount of things to do and change is still humongous! One glaring indicator of this situation is this fact: when we started our foundation in the early 2000s, the diagnosis rate of autism was 1 in 250, whereas today this rate is 1 in 68! The prevalence of Autism is increasing day by day yet the one and only research in Turkey, which we conducted, shows that Autism, its symptoms and treatment are not fully known in Turkey!
I will shortly touch upon the dramatic results of ‘Autism Knowledge and Perception of Individuals in Turkey’ survey we conducted in 2015 and 2017: The first research showed that the rate of participants who have heard of autism was a mere 29%, by the second attempt in 2017, it had increased to 58%. However, 82% of those who knew of autism answered that they did not know the symptoms of autism! This lack of public knowledge beyond name recognition shows that the road ahead is long and there is still so much work to be done. With our unyielding mindset and conviction, we will keep working to raise awareness of autism and continue to dream of a hopeful future for individuals with autism and their families.
We would like to thank all our supporters and collaborators who have been with us on our journey and of course our audience here today.
If you are interested to learn more about our foundation, we will be available at the Tohum Autism Foundation’s stand today.

Thank you,

Founder & Vice President of Tohum Autism Foundation



TÜRGÖK Library for the Visually Impaired of Turkey: Ms. Şafak ÖZPOYRAZ, General Secretary


“Finally the Braille book was in my hands, I couldn’t believe it. I hold it a while, I even smelled it. I was so much feeling the lack of reading books that I don’t remember how I read the first half…”

Ladies and gentlemen, the passage I read is a part of a letter from a very young member of The Library for Visually Impaired of Turkey, shortly TÜRGÖK.
TÜRGÖK was established in 2004 in İzmir as a non-govermental organization by Gültekin YAZGAN who was a teacher, a lawyer, a writer and an unforgettable leader for visually impaired people in Turkey.
He began dreaming of a library for the blind in Turkey in 1943, when he first started borrowing Braille printed books from The Royal National Library for the Blind in UK. After sixty years, he made his dream real at the age 75 and founded the Library.

The main objective of TÜRGÖK is to increase the cultural and educational level of blind people in Turkey. To reach this objective we try to provide a basic solution to the blind for their lack of access to the printed material.
In the direction of this aim, TÜRGÖK produces and sends audio and Braille printed books to its members, the number of which is over six thousand from all ages. We specially spend more effort for childrens’ and students’ needs.
The Library has a wide range of books; literary, self-help, children books, text books, cook books, reference books and books for learning English. Three magazines (1 audio and 2 Braille) are prepared and send to the members every month.

Besides the books we prepare for their special needs and which they don`t have to return, the members of TÜRGÖK can borrow Braille printed books whenever they want. The main aim of the “Braille Book Borrowing Service” is to enable the members-specifically students- to take pleasure in reading.

In addition to the productions, we plan some activities for improving the quality and happiness of blind peoples’ lives. For instance, we organize courses for Braille reading and writing, computer using, mathematics, Braille musical notes. We sometimes organize workshops such as cooking, handcrafts, rules of good manners. And a Story Writing Competition is held every year among both teenagers and adult blind members of the Library.

All the productions and services are done by about three hundred volunteers led by a limited number of staff and financed by donations and sponsors.

We want to reach more blind people to serve
We want to increase the number of Braille and Audio books in our Library
We want to keep being up to date on technical improvements in our field
And since all our services are free of charge we need more sponsors and benefactors.

I want to finish my words again with a passage from a letter of TÜRGÖK member.
“Please really believe that none of your efforts and even none of the seconds you spend for us is useless; they return us as knowledge…”
Thank you for inviting us and so give us the opportunity tu introduce our Library and also


Cevat AYNA

Mr. Cevat AYNA, Primary School Teacher


Ms. Dilek LİVANELİ, Primary School Teacher

I want to say hello by starting with love, respect and a huge smile.
Today I want to share the reason of my huge smile about
My devotion to my career and why I feel devoted to my job.
My passion for my occupation, my ambition for my career.
The power I’ve gained from being a teacher.
And It feels great to be here.
And really it feels great to meet you all such wonderful people in a wonderful occasion.
Thank you Mr. Kyrkos from my hard.

There are about one million teachers in Turkey.
And I’m just one of them.
I’m a primary school teacher and I have a mutigrade class
I have worked in villages for 16 years
Just imagine! Just imagine!
You are appointed to a village school.
You are alone and you are a woman.
What can you do?
What does being alone mean?
You are the headmistress, the teacher, the officer, the secretary, even the caretaker when necessary

Sometimes you see there is an absence of something.
And you’d like to fill the gaps or rebuild everything.
Most of the time that’s not easy.
You need to provide energy, vision, courage, effective communication and inspiration.
If you can do this
One day people believe in you, trust in you, love you, and follow you.

I have always wanted to be a good teacher.
What is a good teacher like?
I have been looking for the answer of this question
since the day I started teaching.
After a while I realized there is no specific answer to this question.
And every day I find my answers 
What is a good teacher like?
Good human being, friend, philosopher, guide mentor, creative, counselor, rol model, inspiration...
more and more
And you have to take care of students’ family as well

I think inspiration is a very important word,
when you talk about teaching and leadership
I've been inspired by my headteacher, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Teachers are the one and the only people who save nations.
I have always wanted to be a good teacher.
And one day I was chosen one of the best teachers in the World by Varkey Gems Foundation.
I think I’m becoming a good teacher now 

I want to Thank everyone who is here
Who is doing something good,  
Who makes the world better.
Who is a part of it.
Thank you, thank you so much.

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