The European Parliament hosts Civil Society from Turkey
The work of the NGOs is the cornerstone of all social efforts and deserves our full support. Our exhibition brings together civil society organisations focusing on various fields with outstanding stories. Join us to meet these civil society actors from Turkey and get an insight to the work that they are doing. Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, will deliver the opening speech on January 8th at 17:30.


Our biggest dream

Darüşşafaka Visual Arts Teacher Mrs. Selvihan Özel Özcan explains how it feels to be a teacher at Darüşşafaka as follows: “It is a privilege and honour to teach these special students here at this 155-year-old great school. Actually, I think Darüşşafaka is not just a school but a big family. Here, you raise your students as if they are your own children. Students here need my sincere embrace and love. I feel as if I’m touching their hearts.”

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Darüşşafaka 1974 Alumnus, Turkish Ambassador in Athens and Former Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations Mr. Yaşar Halit Çevik says: “If Darüşşafaka had not been there for me, I would not have come this far.”

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Darüşşafaka Society was granted “Special Consultative Status” by UN ECOSOC in 2015 and participated in the UN Global Compact in 2016. In 2013, Darüşşafaka became the first NGO in Turkey to receive a Capital Markets Board of Turkey Corporate Gover nance Principles Compliance Rating to document its transparency, accountability and sustainability. In 2013, Darüşşafaka received a rating of 8,4 out of 10 and in 2018 enhanced its grade to 9,50.

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Our biggest dream is always to increase the number of our students in order to reach more children in need. We believe that, a country’s development is possible only through providing equal access to quality education. For 155 years, Darüşşafaka has been a unique example in contributing to the mission of “equal opportunity in education” and it will continue to be. It is a never-ending story… Donate to Darüşşafaka and never let this story end!

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