The European Parliament hosts Civil Society from Turkey
The work of the NGOs is the cornerstone of all social efforts and deserves our full support. Our exhibition brings together civil society organisations focusing on various fields with outstanding stories. Join us to meet these civil society actors from Turkey and get an insight to the work that they are doing. Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, will deliver the opening speech on January 8th at 17:30.


Darüşşafaka Portraits

Darüşşafaka students step into a new world as a result of their education. They change not only their own lives but also the lives of their families, and they make their marks on their village’s, town’s, country’s future. Darüşşafaka 2018 alumna Ms. Remziye Çelebi, whose parents were killed in a massacre which was provoked by an inter-family feud in Bilge village in southeastern Turkey, is now a student at the Faculty of Law at Koç University, Istanbul.


Darüşşafaka 12th grade student Ms. Defne Hadiş recently gained admission to NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano and she will start studying Painting in Italy next year. Defne says, “Darüşşafaka has changed the flow of my life. I dream more and keep my dreams bigger than ever. I have always said to myself since I’ve been at Darüşşafaka, that I want to be an artist. If I had not been at a school that supports me like this, achieving this dream would be impossible.”


Sports is an important part of daily life at Darüşşafaka and each student actively participates in one branch of sports. Darüşşafaka 2015 alumnus Mr. Doğuş Özdemiroğlu currently is a player at the professional Darüşşafaka Basketball Team that held the EuroCup title in 2018 and currently competes in the EuroLeague. Doğuş says: “I sometimes try to imagine how my life would be shaped if I had not entered Darüşşafaka. Most probably, I wouldn’t be a basketball player. Many opportunities were provided so that I could develop those skills. I believe that everyone should study at Darüşşafaka in order to lear n friendship, sharing and solidarity.”


Darüşşafaka alumni gain admission to top universities in Turkey and abroad. Darüşşafaka continues to support its graduates during their university education. In 2012, Ms. Füsun Cemre Karaoğlan ranked 63rd in the Turkish university entrance examinations and ranked first among students who gained admission to Istanbul Technical University. She currently is a master’s student at the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University.



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